M2 Smooth,
5/32" x 1.50" x 31"
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Save 10% On AceCo Moulder Heads And Knife Steel
Issue 9: Volume 1

Hello Customer,

From now thru April 30th 2009, AceCo is offering a 10% discount on moulder heads and knife steel. The 10% discount is off list pricing and also applies to volume discount orders. Please contact us toll free 1 (800) 359-7012 or via email info@AceCo.com to place your order or obtain more information about this exciting promotion! Please mention this promotion when ordering to receive the 10% discount.


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  Current Knife Steel Stock (10% off these prices):  
AceCo Part # Grade & Size List Price 20+ bars 40+ bars 80+ bars 100+ bars 200+ bars
KSD-1G3S D2 Smooth,
1/8" x 3" x 36"
US$34.00 US$32.30 US$30.69 US$29.15 US$27.69 US$26.31
KSD-2C2B D2 Smooth,
5/32" x 2.00" x 31"
US$28.00 US$26.60 US$25.27 US$24.01 US$22.80 US$21.67
KSD-2D2B D2 Smooth,
5/32" x 2.25" x 31"
US$32.00 US$30.40 US$28.88 US$27.44 US$26.06 US$24.76
KSM-2A2B M2 Smooth,
5/32" x 1.50" x 31"
US$37.50 US$35.63 US$33.84 US$32.15 US$30.54 US$29.02
KSM-2B2B M2 Smooth,
5/32" x 1.75" x 31"
US$40.00 US$38.00 US$36.10 US$34.30 US$32.58 US$30.95
KSM-2C2B M2 Smooth,
5/32" x 2.00" x 31"
US$38.25 US$36.34 US$34.52 US$32.79 US$31.15 US$29.60
KSM-2D2B M2 Smooth,
5/32" x 2.25" x 31"
US$51.50 US$48.93 US$46.48 US$44.15 US$41.95 US$39.85
KSM-2E2B M2 Smooth,
5/32" x 2.50" x 31"
US$56.00 US$53.20 US$50.54 US$48.01 US$45.61 US$43.33
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KST-2A2B T1 Smooth,
US$37.50 US$35.63 US$33.84 US$32.15 US$30.54 US$29.02
KST-2B2B T1 Smooth,
US$45.00 US$42.75 US$40.61 US$38.58 US$36.65 US$34.82
KST-2C2B T1 Smooth,
US$49.00 US$46.55 US$44.22 US$42.01 US$39.91 US$37.92
KST-2D2B T1 Smooth,
US$50.00 US$47.50 US$45.13 US$42.87 US$40.73 US$38.69
spcr               spcr
KCM-3B1B M2 Corrugated,
US$67.00 US$63.65 US$60.47 US$57.44 US$54.57 US$51.84
KCM-3B1B M2 Corrugated,
US$74.00 US$70.30 US$66.79 US$63.45 US$60.27 US$57.26
KCM-3B1B M2 Corrugated,
US$80.00 US$76.00 US$72.20 US$68.59 US$65.16 US$61.90
KCM-3B1B M2 Corrugated,
US$88.50 US$84.08 US$79.87 US$75.88 US$72.08 US$68.48
spcr               spcr
KCM-4B1B M2 Corrugated,
US$83.00 US$78.85 US$74.91 US$71.16 US$67.60 US$64.22
KCM-4C1B M2 Corrugated,
US$87.00 US$82.65 US$78.52 US$74.59 US$70.86 US$67.32
KCM-4D1B M2 Corrugated,
US$95.00 US$90.25 US$85.74 US$81.45 US$77.38 US$73.51
KCM-4E1B M2 Corrugated,
US$102.00 US$96.90 US$92.06 US$87.45 US$83.08 US$78.93
KCM-4F1B M2 Corrugated,
US$108.00 US$102.60 US$97.47 US$92.60 US$87.97 US$83.57
KCM-4G1B M2 Corrugated,
US$120.00 US$114.00 US$108.30 US$102.89 US$97.74 US$92.85
spcr               spcr
KCT-3A1B T1 Corrugated,
US$65.50 US$62.23 US$59.11 US$56.16 US$53.35 US$50.68
KCT-3B1B T1 Corrugated,
US$72.00 US$68.40 US$64.98 US$61.73 US$58.64 US$55.71
KCT-3C1B T1 Corrugated,
US$77.50 US$73.63 US$69.94 US$66.45 US$63.12 US$59.97
KCT-3D1B T1 Corrugated,
US$84.00 US$79.80 US$75.81 US$72.02 US$68.42 US$65.00
KCT-3E1B T1 Corrugated,
US$92.00 US$87.40 US$83.03 US$78.88 US$74.93 US$71.19
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