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water knives/blocks

Knives used to cut food products propelled by water force, are commonly referred to as Water Knives. Typically, a structure known as a Knife Block or Tree, is used to hold the water knives in the exact position required to cut the desired shape. The system which pumps raw product through a centering device, the Knife Block, and dewatering screen, is known as a Water Gun. The Water Gun method is widely used in the root crop industry for French Fries or carrot sticks.

Flat Water Knives
These knives are widely used in processes where a long, square or rectangular strip is desired. Lacing slots are normally cut into the knife for extra support and strength. High strength, hardened stainless steel is used for durability, high production, and sanitation.

Crinkle Water Knives
If a crinkle profile running lengthwise of a strip is desired, a crinkle knife is inserted into the Knife Block assembly. The crinkle profile can be specified by the customer, or matched to existing products. Slots must be machined in these blades for interlacing, holding stability, and support. High strength, hardened stainless steel is used for durability, high production, and sanitation.

Knife Blocks
A structure for holding the Water Knives in precise locations, for accurate cutting, is known as a Knife Block, or Tree. Commonly overlooked, a precision Knife Block is the foundation for cutting accuracy, resulting in high product yields. AceCo's exact machining tolerances, as well as durable design, make for a long lasting device, providing years of maintenance free operating, and top quality cutting. AceCo Knife Blocks are typically built from high strength stainless steels, but can also be manufactured from food grade aluminum for a more economical application. Our experienced engineering team has the ability to design these blocks to fit existing systems, or make recommendations for higher cutting efficiency. AceCo typically maintains common knife blocks in inventory, as well as rough machined blanks for fast delivery.

Wedge Cuts
When a radial segmented strip is desired, AceCo manufactures a specific knife block designed exclusively for Wedge Cuts. These blocks can also be used in conjunction with Coring Knives, or just wedge knives only. In certain applications, it is advantageous to cut the entire block, wedge knives, and coring knife from the same block of steel for strength, uniformity, weight, and cost.