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round blades

Focusing on economy, lead-time and material quality, AceCo has become a leader in food processing round blades. Stocking many grades and thickness of material, AceCo is able to manufacture round blades with minimal lead times. AceCo prefers using 420SS for most round blades since this material is a nice balance of corrosion resistance and hardness. AceCo does however supply 316FH, 410, 440A, and 440C depending on the application and design requirements.

AceCo offers round blades .020" to .125" thick, ranging from 1.25" to 12" diameter.

Drive hub specifications
Inside diameters, bolt circles, countersunk holes and keyways can be added to your specifications.

Tooth configurations are added for different cutting operations.

  • Custom teeth are primarily for piercing tough-skinned products.
  • U slots are for clearing debris from the cut surface.