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The R&D team at AceCo is constantly working on new ideas which will improve our products, manufacturing methods and development of new products. Our R&D goals are to develop AceCo products that will enhance our customer's product while reducing processing costs.

We have installed a production type Water Gun in our facility, allowing us to test our knives and Knife Blocks in the same operating environment used at production processing facilities. A custom built transparent section in the Water Gun allows us to analyze the cutting action with the use of Hi-Speed Video. At 600 frames per second, the freeze frame capability allows us to see exactly what happens to the food product and knife throughout the cutting process.

Metallurgical Analysis of different stainless steels allows us to provide products with proper stainless alloys for the task at hand. Hardness and tempering procedures are constantly monitored with the luxury of our "in house" heat-treating and hardness testing. AceCo's engineering staff is well experienced at fine tuning each individual need.