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replacement knives

AceCo replacement knives are standard knives that may be ordered with many custom features. Customization of features allows the processor to develop a unique end product while utilizing the cost savings of standard equipment. The custom features include: crinkle amplitude and pitch, material thickness, material hardness, sheer edge and other edge specifications. It is always our goal to have replacement knives as quick turn-around items, even when ordered with custom features.

OV Knives
Available in smooth, crinkle or scallop edge.

Available in smooth and crinkle.

Flat Water Knives
Water Knives made to your specifications. The knives range in various thicknesses and can be slotted to your pattern size.
Material Specification: Thickness, Hardness, Composition
Knife Specification: Grinding, Crinkle, Wedge, Length

Available in smooth and crinkle.

GK, G, GKS, G-A and H Knives
Available in smooth and crinkle.

Model 30
Smooth segment cut.

Top Tail and Scoring Knives to produce a smooth product surface.

Round Blades - Shufflo
Knives to produce a smooth product surface.
Material characteristics, tooth configurations, inner diameter, keyways, edge specifications.

Onion Razors
Knives to score onion peels.