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AceCo Precision Industrial Knives has helped many customers overcome complex cutting designs. Some examples include formed profiles to create a cut product that has it's own brand identity, edge shape or treatments for hard to cut products, packaging knives for longer life or coring applications for various fruits and vegetables.

Formed Profiles
CCL - Put in a mechanical cutter this knife will produce a cross cut lattice design that has become popular with potato processors. The solid body design maintains a rigid foundation holding the knife profile constant producing a smooth product surface, uninterrupted by clamps or screws.

FDA approved TiN coating is a molecular bond of Titanium Nitride to metal surfaces that provides a surface hardness of 85 Rockwell C at 0.0001" thick. This coating can create an edge hardness of up to 2 times the base metal, increasing wear resistance.

Scallop Edge is a raised tooth at even intervals. This edge is used to create smooth cuts in products that have a tough outer skin that needs to be pierced to initiate the cutting action. Products like carrots, celery, tomatoes and some packaging materials benefit from this profile.

Secondary and Primary combination grinds will increase tip thickness, are much stronger, and resist edge rolling. We recommend this grind on most blades because of increased durability and cutting performance.

Packaging Knives
All of AceCo's packaging knives have been developed through our customers' need for longer lasting and better performing knives. Typically our customers' biggest problem had been knife failure contributing to costly maintenance and down-time. Through analysis and reverse engineering many custom packaging knives have been developed utilizing the best materials and edge treatment for the application.

The removal of the center diameter of a food product is commonly known as coring. AceCo manufactures a variety of coring type cutters for products ranging from potatoes, apples, onions, citrus fruits, and peppers. Core diameter, attaching method, cutting angles, heat treating, and alloy selection, are all areas we are able to customize to each application.